Monday, November 06, 2006

What better way to test something than with shakers.

As I figure out the parameters of this site I thought I would throw in a sketch and a final for a newsletter for...get ready for this...salt and pepper shakers. My goal is to throw in mostly sketches (my best sketches for ideas generally come during help me focus on the speaker of course...and range from being done on substrate, shoe bottoms, napkins, and in the lean times...the back of my hand.) I hope to post (at the very least) a doodle or so every other day, with some finished items here and there. Some items may be familiar to those close to me so work with me.

As a commercial art teacher in Bizarro World I try to show the students the importance of the creative process...the need to draw SOMETHING daily...the importance of being creative within the confines given (some say color outside of the lines...I say it is okay to stay within the lines but how and what you do while you are there can and should blow people's minds as often as possible...and isn't nearly as confining as some want you to believe).

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