Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Process is Key!!! Part Three

After I transfer the drawing I will save a version that I can transfer into either Freehand or Illustrator. I prefer Freehand for outlining because of the ease of the Bezigon tool for adjusting curves (and expand stroke tends to work better because of this feature although it is not used here).

I accurately outline the drawing to transfer into Photoshop. Once there I will use a top layer outline to keep clean outlines and a bottom duplicate layer that I can paint in without worrying about messing up the crispness of the outline. I take the trouble to do the work in a vector program so I don't want to mess it up in the final the outline sandwich is important. I use multiple in-between layers for coloring when it doesn't affect the outline. Once the flat colors are filled in it is good to save paths of all the flat colors!!! Once you start shading and highlighting you won't be able to just use the magic wand tool to get areas you might need to 'touch up'.

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