Sunday, February 07, 2010

Saturday, February 06, 2010


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Joker is finished...I did several test sketches which I'll try to post later...but they were a bit too goofy...I thought a snail fit the Joker well because of the eye stalks comparing to the joker hat...

The number cards will be pretty easy (plus the back design) and I will have to tweak the face cards to make sure the layout measurements are all the same...I've been contemplating doing more of the face cards since there are usually two variations of the king, queen, and jack...I actually even thought about doing 4 differing designs for each but that might take longer than what I have...from sketch to finished product it is taking about 10 hours.

I actually contacted a POD company that does cards and they sent me 10 decks for each paper/plastic stock they have. There is one more company I want to get some samples from to see what their quality is...but I might actually have some decks made. Since I'm not a major card producer the cost it a bit more than what I would like...depending on what stock you use there is a minimum order of 25 to 100 decks at this company but they seem pretty reputable...the other company has a really limited printing stock but cost is much we'll see. I printed out really large versions and of course like them more, but nobody is going to play with 17 inch cards...too hard to hide them up your sleeve...