Friday, February 25, 2011


Swarm of Sock Monsters... it almost makes you nervous to know what is in the underwear drawer...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Colored Stegosaurus

After I do my pointillism items I like to color them after I've made prints. Our new printer lets me run through watercolor and heavier stocks of paper...which allows me to print the original size of the work. In times past I had to shrink everything down to fit 8.5x11...not anymore! And as mentioned...even better...I can run through much higher quality paper...I do have prints of this as well as my oviraptor from earlier for can see that info here

IF: Layers

I recently moved to a new apartment and have been surprised at the large number of cats...I've counted 6 'regulars' to this point...and not just any cats...but all of them are very large...and they are always drooped over railings with flaps of skin and fat acting as a grip. One particularly large feline that hangs directly over where I walk I nicknamed 'Layers'...because he's got them.

On a seemingly unrelated note...I'm a school teacher...and as most folks know school teachers often help out of pocket with supplies...I demand a lot out of my students because I know what they are walking into as they shift into college...and I understand that they sometimes have less freedom to go out and get items they might need for projects...I want them to have the best shot at scholarships possible because there are times that is the only way they will be able to get their foot in the door for college. That might mean buying actual art supplies or even driving around and searching for of the funner ones was driving around to every goodwill and thrift store within a 3 hour radius to find a certain shirt logo...To help with this I am selling some of my stuff or creating some work specifically to sell. If you wouldn't mind on occasion pop on over to my Blankenstine Is a Sellout blog and see if there might be something you like. Or if you've seen anything I've done in the past you liked I might be able to recreate or even sell the original (provided it hasn't been promised to my own kids).

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

IF: Heavy Sweater

I had this big running deal making fun of myself and how when I ride a bike in 100 degree weather I barely sweat...go the gym barely basketball with my screaming savages barely sweat...but if I sit at home on my couch and draw I look like I've been in a swimming pool...but I figured that would be TMI...I blame this sketch on froggie and her 'draw a shape and then turn it into a person yell at her if you so feel inclined...but it is a fun exercise...and she's a great artist...and really funny with her big stories that go with her posts...