Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Process is Key!!! Part Two

After I get a general outline of what I am doing I can use tracing paper to keep things I like and change things I don't without having to redraw everything. I often see students that have problems with eyes or hands that think they have to redraw the entire project from scratch...or try redraw so much the end up with a glob on the page.

Here I wasn't happy with the head on the small sketch, so I roughed out a new one that looked a bit meaner. Then of course I use the tracing paper refining process until I am happy with what I've got. Tracing paper is also great to keep general proportions. The creature opening his mouth will have the same length of bill opened or closed. Tracing paper also allow the pivot area and angle to be correctly placed for an open mouth. If I don't like an I eye then I can leave that area blank and move a new piece of tracing paper around until I get an eye I am happy with. Finally I stack all of my pieces of tracing paper and draw a clean final version for transferring to the computer.

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