Saturday, July 03, 2010

Pan Head

During the year we talked about themes for playing cards and the importance of references. At this time Gurney was doing posts with regards to creating a Pan figure and he too was discussing the importance of drawing from life and doing studies even when creating imaginary characters. Even when it feels that characters have been 'done to death' it is still possible to create something unique, especially when paying attention to detail of life subjects. Gurney brought in skulls, human models, and I believe even animals. There were lots of different solutions to the problem proving that there is always something new that can be done even if at times it takes a little digging. These were a couple of head shots I did trying out a few different takes.


Ammon said...

Great work up Brian. I have to love your sketches and their expression.

steve said...

Very professional looking Brian - like something you would see from behind the scenes of an actual movie!