Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rat Crow vs. Chicken Lizard V

To help add some detail without being overwhelming I decided to have an unfinished inside shack type of look. I thought with originally doing 'chipboard' between the boards but figured it wouldn't pop very well...back in the day (maybe still now) I remember going into some old building and between the framing they had a dark 'tar paper' that had a brownish black coloration. It was probably originally black but time had caused the brown to seep in. I decided to put this between the planks and to not burnish it, but rather to allow the texture of the paper to show through...I also planned on putting some stuff here and there on the walls to break it up a bit more but not to 'overwhelm' and draw attention away from the characters.

The next big decision came with the window. I debated between keeping the background color and giving it an 'evening' type look or adding a sky effect...I could picture it working either way but really like the pop of the direction I decided to go...up next...the finished item...

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JON said...

It's been really cool seeing this come together bit by bit.