Friday, February 18, 2011

Colored Stegosaurus

After I do my pointillism items I like to color them after I've made prints. Our new printer lets me run through watercolor and heavier stocks of paper...which allows me to print the original size of the work. In times past I had to shrink everything down to fit 8.5x11...not anymore! And as mentioned...even better...I can run through much higher quality paper...I do have prints of this as well as my oviraptor from earlier for can see that info here


JON said...


Josh (musarter) said...

Holy schnarchies, this is amazing. Another great dinosaur illustration to add to your collection.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and directing me back to yours to remind me of your continuing great work.

Vincent T├ętreault said...

Really stunning !

I can't imagine doing a drawing with only points (dots). Should be very time expensive but, the results are so great.