Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Pig Maquette Process

Previously I showed a process that we did to create sock puppets...this year we turned them into maquettes...

Started with just a basic wire structure (in the background you will see "Bridge on the River Kwai"...a classic if you haven't seen it...)

Threw on some foil to get the base shape (Batman Beyond...a cheesy futuristic Batman done a few years back with low rent animation)

Got a couple of glass marbles and painted some iris and pupil areas...

Glued said eyes to the structure...(Bert the Conquerer...that was the episode where they used a four-wheeler to make a giant human slingshot.)

Slapped on some sculpy and started to add some detail.

Started dealing with the lips and baked the tusks separate so I could mold around them and keep them separate...leaving them unbaked made it impossible to form a lip around...(Something on DIY network...too bad I don't own my own home to practice tearing crap up.)

More detailing (WVU football game...they actually won that one...)

Added some ears...(Bonanza...)

Gave him a collar and tie...(And more Bonanza)

Front view...(and even more Bonanza...I think that was the episode where someone got kidnapped and someone else was going to be wrongfully hanged while one of the guys was being nice to the recently widowed woman with a daughter...)

Arms baked separate!

And finally pieced all together before a final baking...

Coming up....the tragic story of painting...


Vincent T├ętreault said...

Wow ! Very neat sculpt.

I'm working for the first time with Super sculpey and i found your work very inspirational.

Amanda B said...

:( I wish we would have got to do that!

Eric Scales said...

Awesome! I love it unpainted too!