Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Attendance Award?!?!?

Our school does a weekly attendance award and this year they even got a 6 foot tall trophy to pass around. Each class that wins it puts a little something something to make their mark...automotive put a spark plug...criminal justice their shoulder patch...Physical therapy wrapped one of the columns like a broken leg...architecture engineering design did some sort of plastic spiral thing around a column...so what did we do?

I did a dragon carrying off a maiden and sheep...it is very symbolic...but I haven't divulged the meaning yet...my students are trying to guess...so far they have that they are the sheep...now the question is if it will get past the no-fun police that sometimes pop up as being too 'outlandish'...you know...should've just put a paintbrush or pencil on there...but that top area was begging for a dragon...


JON said...

That is too rad! Hooray for attendance!!!

studio lolo said...

Today's word is SO YOU!!!!!

Go get em'!!

Connie said...

This is fabulous; I love the drawing and dote on your cut-outs. Of course it should be OTT. I had to come back and have another look at your blog after your reference to Gen-X, which I went and googled. Very interesting; it made me feel (as an early baby-boomer) very historical. Thanks for visiting.

HayleyHail said...

Oh I think I know what this is all about. The sheep as you already stated are the students. You...are well...You!
The dragon is the design industry. It's tough to deal with and if you are lacking in confidence and talent(like the sheep)you will get caught up in the whole thing. (probably way wrong, but definitely laugh worthy)

Point is...Do your homework, or end up working at Walmart :P

Haha oh do I regret not listening to you oh great Blankenstine!