Friday, October 24, 2008

If: The Grim (Re'Pair)...He's French...Wa Ha Ha...

Okay...the story...Today was inservice day which usually results in spectacular meetings...for hours on end...for some reason during these meetings I tend to draw a lot of pictures involving low and behold when I checked the IF topic it was 'repair'...and the image immediately popped into my head. So I sketched it out and along came the dental teacher...and the following is the mesmerizing conversation that occurred.

DT..."Who is that"
Me in my best French voice..."It is the Grim Repair...(insert bad stereotypical French laugh)"
DT..."I don't get it."
Me..."Well you know the French talk funny so instead of saying Reaper it would sound like repair...and then they laugh bad."
DT..."But you talk funny and you aren't from're from West Virginia...and why is he dressed like that."
Me..."Because he is the French Grim Reaper."
DT...'Oh, I get it now...but who is the guy on the ground and why is he laying there like that?"
Me..."It is a French person...and he is dead...because that is what the Grim Repair does..."
DT..."But why is the dead person dressed like that?"
Me..."Because he is a mime...""
DT..."But why is he a mime?"
Me..."Because everyone that lives in France is a mime...that is how their society is."
DT..." you think other people of your kind will get it?"
Me..."Yes, I think they will...because people of my kind are observant and usually a little bit tilted...not that you aren't tilted and all but teach people how to brush their teeth..."

Two hours later at another meeting the Dental Instructor was sitting beside of me and an English teacher.
DT..."See if he gets it."
I show the picture and ask him if he gets it.
English Teacher in his best French voice..."Why it is the Grim Repair...(insert bad French laugh)...
DT..."Whatever"...rolls eyes.
Me..."Oh, we're not done...Ken, why is this guy on the ground and dressed like he is?"
ET..."Because the Grim Repair expires folks...and the guy on the ground is French...which makes him a mime...because everyone in France is a mime...that is their whole population."
At this point the dental teacher shakes her head and tells us whatever...and I really French it up and add a poodle...because all French people...who are mimes of course...own dogs...and those dogs are poodles...because that is the only type of dog there is in France...and because the mime was coming back from market at the time of his expiration he had the only things that French people buy because that is all they eat...French bread and a bottle of wine...and everyone lives near the Eiffel Tower, so I threw that in...(although I couldn't talk the Dental teacher into leaving the meeting to get me a reference picture so I just had to wing it...)



steve said...

Ugh, how i hate meetings, but certainly dig this drawing Brian! I actually thought about tweaking the word this week, in a similar fashion, but I think you would have been far more successful!

damon said...

i like

Detlef said...

Touche. Very creative play on words. Fifi the poodle looks well and truly out of it. You could've used rapier as anagram of repair has well, guess the scythe does the job well enough.

murphy girl said...

ok it was brilliant before i read the story. and after the story, well, monumental. you get my vote for favorite entry this week! viva la france!

Roberta said...

Well at least you didn't draw the Grim Repair visiting a dental teacher (insert bad French laugh!)
I guess I must be tilted!

Janet said...

HaHaHaHaHa!!(or you can insert a bad French laugh...)

Dot said...

So funny, and your story just makes it!

Josh (musarter) said...

That is a great story. Gotta love the French Repair. All the little details are great: Tower, Mime, poodle, how could this not be french.

Michael O'Connell said...

thanks for a tuesday laugh… great work… all the way around…

Anonymous said...

remember what state you are in!!!!
answer you work emails. i've sent several that have not been answered
where were you last weekend? Amy is coming up here this weekend to look at houses.
you are a loser

Cookie Sunshine said...


Azul Valentina said...

I still have the french accent in my head, very funny, and I like it.

studio lolo said...

Wow, anony is pissed!

Hilarious post Brian. I was killed by every French touch even before reading about them. And you even have Champignons (mushrooms!)
And the mime is wasted...hahahahaha! You know, a mime is a terrible thing to waste :D

Anonymous said...

very clever brian - and having heard your actual west virginian accent in person, I'm sure a french west virginian accent was hysterical. hope you're well - oh and I got an A on that paper you never read ;-)

Chris said...

Brian, I've been having a pretty crappy day today, and in all honesty, hadn't been smiling or laughing too much -- until now. I love your illustration (in fact, it's one of my favorites of yours in a while), but the story of the meeting is awesome. I've always gotten a kick out of situations like these, and the fact that a DENTAL TEACHER was involved makes it even better. Also, your mastery of French culture is astounding. You should teach it at a college level. Thanks so much for making me laugh.

Brine Blank said...

I've mastered lots of should hear my talk on Norwegonians...

Anonymous said...

Makes sense to me.
Ms. Jane d'OH
P.s. Happy New Year!
I can't believe it's been 5 years.
I love my gifts.
PP.S. Is that return address good for receiving mail?

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Holy C...ow... that is so damn funny! I had no idea Dentists lacked a sense of humor... well, nevermind, I guess they do have a sense of humor, they are dentist for G.. sake.

By the way, English professors are some of the funniest people I know, them and Scientists.