Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I have had several people contact me with regards to 'the process' and ask me some very good questions. I had never really intended for this blog to be an 'indepth process showing' area (partially because there are already so many great blogs out there with such great information) was meant to be a bit of a diary for myself as well as showing tips/tricks/tidbits for my students or others that might stumble upon it. I think other folks' blogs have shown a great deal of inspirational work that have helped keep my creative fire going.

In order to keep this blog 'cleaner' and to be able to show a strong indepth process from start to finish, I have started one more blog. This will help me to be more flexible with the work I can show here as well as to keep from breaking up the process too much, as I have no idea how long it will take to do what I want to do. On 'blankenstine unmasked' I will be attempting to show an entire process as well as doing the same illustration in multiple media.

As I use these blogs for teaching purposes and multiple voices can help the students to see how the real world works (both college and work), I appreciate any feedback you may want to leave...

And the pic? This was one of only a couple of shots from the zoo that had some personality (and isn't me...)

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