Wednesday, September 30, 2009

IF:Recognize the pattern Bruce!!!

I was watching the old Incredible Hulk show the other day on Retro newest favorite channel with such classics as the Rockford Files and the A-Team...and mulling the word for IF when something hit...The show, like many, has a distinctive formula although like many shows of that time it is much more obvious.

Bruce walks down some road...sees a good looking lady in distress...stops to help out...and then it all goes haywire...there is always some bad guy after the good looking lady...Bruce always gets cornered by some street thugs at some point...they beat him up a bit while he begs them to stop...and have the Hulk. You would think at some point...since Bruce hates to become the Hulk...that as he is walking down the road and sees a hot chick (no offense ladies) broke down he would stay on the other side of the road since nothing good ever happened to him the other 2,527 times he stopped to help. Or perhaps, so as not to completely over-ride his altruistic nature, he would only stop to help moderately to homely looking women...apparently the mafia never has any interest in those types...or the elderly as I personally witness a lot more of those folks trying to change flat tires than I see swimsuit models. Or better yet he could stick to hiking paths and try to help out animals in distress...they tend not to join gangs or want someone dead to get inheritance they have a fear of humans naturally. Throw in the radiation smell...not to mention some questionable hygiene issues from walking cross country...and I think he would be fairly safe.

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steve said...

Haha, yes, good stuff indeed! I always loved when Bruce's pants somehow magically stretched about ten times their original size. Of course, being the good fella he was, he'd always leave a few bucks under the doormat of the nearby home where he had to resort to stealing a new pair of jeans once hanging on the clothesline.

Classic stuff, and great drawing!