Tuesday, January 20, 2009


(Click to enlarge to rid some of the fuzziness and help with the detailing)

It was a long strange journey in creating this item. It all started out as working towards a sock puppet design...and someone asking if I had ever drawn using stippling or pointillism after doing my Wiener Schnitzle drawing...or as those lovely people from the UK say...drawering... or is that just a bad stereotype? Anyway...I had a fairly decent sized piece of illustration board (10x15 I believe) and some new microns thanks to Steve of Flying Turtle fame and got after it. Once I finished with the drawing I had some thicker paper and decided to make some prints to try adding water color...and I did. I was actually pleased by the end results and may at some point add watercolor to the large original...but I kind of like just the plain starkness of it so who knows...

The watercolor versions are slightly less 'intense' in person and of course the scanners aren't good at picking up some of the subtle shades of blue that appear or some of the washes used.


Chris Howard said...

Wow! This is beautiful! As much as I like black ink on white paper, I like the watercolored versions even more, thinking the middle one is my favorite.

Detlef said...

Quite magnificent - that stippling would be drive absolute bananas (well more than I am already), must really be an acquired art form. I marvel at your perseverance, I'd rather just use blended graphite using a torchon.

The watercolour prints are sensational as well, and I too favour the greeny-tinged one - well green is my favourite colour so I might not be impartial.

Splendid job.

pati @-;-- said...

I'm absolutely speechless, Brian. What breathtaking works! All three are stunning, very powerful.

Wow! I feel that nothing I could say would express how deep I admire your work.

Congratulations, dude.

Björnik said...

Hi Brine! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leading me to this great illustrations of yours. I too am a great fan of pen & ink and has long given up on stippling. I takes a lot of patience and obviously it paid off.

Great job on the coloring as well.:)

studio lolo said...

Holy jeezums!!! These are terrific Brian! You have a fabulous sense of color too. Both colored versions are stunning. I loved enlarging all of them.
I used to be a stippling fool. It's quite addictive and meditative, although like Detlef I don't think I'd have the patience for it today.
And oh...in New England we say 'drawrings' too :) As well as canader, cuber and idear!

Josh (musarter) said...

That is a crazy illustration. The detail is out of control. The pen work is fantastic yet the color ads a lot too. Nice work.

Ammon said...

These are incredible.